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Newham Asian Women’s Project (NAWP) is a woman only organisation and charity working to end violence against women and girls

We deliver a number of services to support women who experience and are survivors of gender violence.

We offer refuge services to women and children fleeing domestic violence.

We offer early intervention and prevention services to young women and girls in support groups and 1:1 sessions in schools and community settings around self esteem and confidence building, self harm, domestic and sexual violence and building coping and resilience strategies among other issues.

meera_syal"Although we have within us different languages and different religions, the things that bind us together are much stronger."

Meera Syal. Learn more.

We offer a free legal advice and information service in all East London boroughs on domestic and sexual violence, welfare and housing rights and support to women with insecure immigration status.

We undertake capacity building training to frontline professionals and decision and policy makers on self harm and domestic and sexual violence including forced marriage and honour-based violence.

We do research on a range of issues including self harm, domestic and sexual and violence, insecure immigration status, and impacts of policy on women with the aim to deliver service delivery.